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Transformers and Magnetics

Tranformers & Magnetics - Main Picture

APX offers a comprehensive body of standard products, and also a long history of Custom Design and production for client-specific applications.

You gain the benefits of low cost and high quality production from our modern, qualified facility.

We encourage you to contact our sales team to discuss your needs.


Audio Transformers

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Impedance matching
Voice and data coupling
Modem, pulse, through-hold or SMD


Power transformers

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Single, dual, primary
Multi-tap, split and flat bobbin types
Chassis and PCB mount
High frequency
Step-up, Step-down
Class 2


Current Sense

Current Sense - 1


Toroidal power transformers

Toroidal Transformer - 1

High voltage
High current



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Through-hole, all configurations
SMD mounting
Common mode, differential mode
Shielded, unshielded
Air core, iron core, pot core
Toroidal style