Custom Power Supplies & Capabilities

APX offers custom designed power supplies and in-house tooling resources for your unique needs.

We can be your source for the unusual, whether one or more modifications to a standard power supply or a complete grounds-up new custom design for your application. We can customize power supply packaging and harnessing with our in-house tooling and molding resources, and at very reasonable costs. You can benefit by having custom labeling, unique-design interface connectors, to either molded or sheet metal housings.

Whether your critical need is physical and mechanical form factor, or electrical performance specifications, APX can design for reduced size, high operating temperature, peak currents, or any number of other non-standard operational needs.

APX custom power supplies are used by a broad range of commercial, industrial, and medical product clients. These supplies are in open frame, external and enclosed power supply configurations.

Call or e-mail us to explore how we can partner with you. We are conveniently located in New York and very easy to work with.


LED Driver
Military Grade LED Driver

Ultra-low harmonics dedicated custom-designed and tooled LED Driver power supply.


Custom Power Supply
Dedicated Power Supply

Customized power with metal and fabrication including chassis, harness, and control plate.


Custom Distribution Center
Custom Molded Plastics

Custom dedicated design for a power distribution center with water-proof connectors for a commercial sink application.


Turnkey Solution
Custom Contact Lens Cleaner

Complete turnkey ultra-sonic soft contact lens cleaner, including custom PCB with unique piezo design, as well as complete custom plastics tooling and fabrication.


Custom Enclosure
High Ambient Temperature Supply

Custom high-power, high-temperature environment, low profile 100 Watt power supply with custom metal enclosure fabrication.


Rack Mount Dual Output
Rack Mounting

Rack mount, dual output packaging with harness and I/O switch for a Telecom closet.


Gang Box Power
Designed for Fit

Custom PCB power supply for Smart House power, in a single gang wall box.


Custom Metal Enclosure
Custom Sheet Metal

Sheet metal fabrication for wall mounting in a Telecom closet.


Mobile DC-DC Power Supply
Ruggedized Mobile DC-DC

High-power mobile DC to DC power supply.


100 Watt Medical Grade 2x4 Open Frame
High Density Medical Supply

100 Watt Medical Grade Open Frame Power Supply, in a compact 2 x 4 inch design.


Custom Plastic Molding
Residential Power Source

Design partnering for custom solution for a limited-space enclosed power supply, suitable for 18 AWG input cables or 12 AWG solid residential wiring.


Plastic Molded Hand Controller
Hand Controller

Medical custom-designed solution for a resettable patient hand controller unit.


Wall Electrical Box Power
For Built-In Media

Custom power supply fitted to a wall electrical box for digital temperature and audio controls for a unique, upscale shower unit.


Complete Custom Turnkey Solution
Patient-Controlled Supply

Medical power supply with patient hand output controller and power output. Custom solution for unique patient requirements.


Plastic Tooling
Molded Face Plate with Harness

Plastic-tooled operations panel and harness assembly.


Custom Molding

Custom-tooled “T” cable for dual output cable harness.


T-Bracket Mount
T-Bracket Mount

Metal fabrication of “T” mount brackets for Desktop supply wall mounting.


Medical Grade Cable
Medical Grade Interconnect

Custom medical grade high-current connector for 12 AWG super-flex cable


Din to Mini-Din Connector
Special Connector

Custom-designed and tooled interconnect module converting from standard DIN connector downsizing to Mini-DIN connector.


Custom Molding

Custom tooled junction cable assembly for control and power for a medical unit.


Custom Molded Cable Assemblies
Dedicated Power Cables

Various customer-requested cable assembly solutions, including design, tooling and fabrication.


Travel Kit
International Use

Mechanical travel kit adapters with European USB supply in plastic molded kit.


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