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Chinese New Year Delays 2019 Download Full Size PDF: Chinese New Year Delays 2019 

Chinese New Year Delays 2018 Download Full Size PDF: Chinese New Year Delays 2018 

Dual Approved Medical / I.T.E. Product Line Download Full Size PDF: Dual Approved Medical-ITE Product Announcement (37)  Download Family Spec Sheets: 7 – 12 Watt Wall Plug-In: SM07Q1RY – SM12Q1RY Series  7 – 12 Watt Interchangeable Base: IM07Q1R – IM12Q1R Series  25 – 36 Watt Desktop: SM25Q1R – SM36Q1R Series  60 – 65 Watt Desktop: […]

41 – 50 Watt Interchangeable Base Power Supply Download Product Announcement: IB41DS7R – IB50DS7R Series Product Announcement (34) Download Family Spec Sheet: IB41DS7R – IB50DS7R Series (41 – 50 W, Interchangeable Base, Efficiency Level VI) 6-10-16  “

5 Watt Interchangeable Base Power Supply (with 5W & 10W USB Option) Download Product Annoucenemnt: IB05Z Series Product Announcement (34) Download Family Spec Sheet: IB05Z Series (5 Watts, Interchangable Wall Plug-In, DoE Level 6) 7-13-15 

  The New APX I.T.E. e-Brochure is out and available for download (below). This features many of our Switching Power Supplies which all meet IEC 60950-1, EN 60950-1 (2nd Edition).   Downoad: APX I.T.E. e-Brochure 2015

230 – 310 Watt Desktop Power Supply 

SM80D1R – SM130D1R Series (R32) 80 – 130 Watt, Desktop Supply UL / EN / IEC 60601-1 3rd Edition Approval Energy Efficiency Level: V & VI    • Universal Input, 80 Watts – 130 Watts Output Power • 12 Vdc – 56 Vdc, Single Output • IEC320-C6, C8, C14, and C18 Input Socket Available • […]

The terms “Power Supply” and “Battery Charger” are often used interchangeably, but they perform distinct functions. A power supply is designed to supply a constant voltage to a load. As the load requirements change, it continues to supply a fixed DC level. A true battery charger generally supplies a regulated current, first to charge the […]

  The New APX Medical Brochure is out and available for download (below). This features many of our Medical Power Supplies which all meet IEC 60601-1, EN 60601-1:2006 (3rd Edition).   Downoad: APX Medical Brochure 2013

IB10D – IB36D Series (R28)   10 – 36 Watt Interchangeable Wall Plug-In 6 Input Plugs, Energy Efficiency Level 5 & 6     • Universal Input 100 – 240 VAC • 5 VDC to 48 VDC • 10 to 36 Watts • Interchangeable Bases: U.S., Europe, Britian, Australia, China, South Africa/India • High Efficiency, Low Cost Design • Over-Voltage […]

• Medical Grade Desktop, UL / IEC / EN 60601-1 3RD EDITION • Universal Input, 160 Watts Output • 12V, 19V, 24V & 48V DC Output • IEC320-C14 or C6 Input Socket • Energy Efficiency Level V, Erp Stage 2 Approved, RoHS 2 Compliant • Safety Approvals: UR Listed (UL / cUL) , TUV (T-Mark), […]

There are generally two standard configurations when it comes to grounding in a switching power supply.

One method for a normal three wire line input is having the AC ground connected only to the inlet ground terminal. In this method, there is no connection to the output ground,…

In order for typical LEDs to work, they require a DC voltage source. Depending upon how many LEDs are being powered and how they are wired, they will best employ either a constant voltage or constant current supply.

LED arrays with a built-in driver module will only need a …

There are many styles of output connectors used in today’s power supplies.

Two of the most commonly used output connectors are the female barrel and male DIN. They are economical, widely available, and a good choice for many power supplies. However, there is a tendency to…

RoHS, a directive by the European Union which restricts the hazardous materials found in electrical and electronic equipment, has undergone a few changes and updates. Now designated RoHS 2, the new revisions include 3 new product categories: Medical devices. In vitro diagnostics medical devices. Control and monitoring instruments. Also, products will be required to meet […]

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